What our clients say:
Zora Chen
Compass Point Real Estate
Richmond, BC

"Integrated Property Maintenance Limited has and continues to be a great resource to the strata council. Not only to they provide quality janitorial services, they also often let us know of any improvements that we could make to enhance the appearance and maintenance of the property. Entrance mats, scheduled carpet cleaning and even some types of plants have been suggested and incorporated into the property."

Strata Janitorial Services

Reliable and dependable janitorial services are a vital building maintenance service that reflects and impacts the overall quality and lifestyle of a strata property. In over 15 years of business, we’ve seen that cleanliness and care creates value in a strata property and a superior living environment for its residents. The impact of proper maintenance is far reaching – less opportunity for crime and vandalism, a healthier living environment and better quality of life for all homeowners.

If you are a strata property manager or a strata council member located anywhere is Greater Vancouver we have the experience, expertise and staff to provide you with quality and consistent strata janitorial cleaning services.

With over 15 years experience, we provide Greater Vancouver’s most reliable, quality and consistent strata janitorial services for;

  • Residential Strata Corporation Properties
  • Condominium and Townhouse Developments
  • Concrete High and Low Rise
  • Wood Framed Low Rise
  • Privately Owned Apartment Buildings

We know that residents expect consistently clean entrance lobbies, hallways, amenity and exercise rooms as well as clean and sanitary refuse and recycling rooms. It is vital that these areas are consistently clean if we are to be successful as your long-term janitorial service provider.

If and when necessary we can also buff or strip and wax your floors, as well as periodically shampoo your carpets and clean your windows. With the janitorial service at the core, we can take care of all your primary strata cleaning requirements.

Specialized Strata Services Offered

  • Litter patrol
  • Posting of strata minutes and/or notices
  • Security checks
  • By-law violation inspections and reporting
  • General maintenance inspections and reporting
  • On site communication with council, property manager and trades

Our goal is to provide you with quality and consistent strata janitorial cleaning services, year after year.